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Posted by neha jain on Jan 15, 2013
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In Pune, we now have three Awakin gatherings happening every week since January 1st..

Tuesday's Awakin at Neeti's home was awesome. 4 of us drove down and as I stepped into her home,  I felt a wave of relaxation thru my spine. Loved the wooden flooring, the sheer emptiness of her home as we stepped in to the lovely living room ... there were beautiful plants including orchids in the balcony, a super cute bird feeder that attracts a hundred birds a day.  

After a very powerful healing silence followed by Suvida's soothing rendition of the jeevan-saar, we read the weekly passage that evoked some great sharings.  One of her neighbors broke down during the sharing as she had lost her teenage son two months ago.. I bow down to the space that Neeti's family has created that allows for a strong hearted lady to actually express her pain regarding her sons death with complete strangers without inhibitions.

Was great to see her sixteen year old son, Yash join us for the silence (a rarity) and gift us a beautiful sketch of Gandhi as a parting gift (which he made in under 30 minutes)! 

Harsh was having a grand time as Neeti basically opened up her library and asked him to take away as many books as he wanted!  The energy in the home was so pure and gentle that I know it will become a magnet of love ...

Guess, it's time to AwaKin!

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Comments (6)

  • suvid wrote ...

    It was really awesome to be a part of yesterday's Awakin Tuesday! Feeling a deep gratitude for everyone which help this to happen, lots of good seeds have been planted will, try to nurture them!

    Feeling happy to be a part of Awakin Family :)

    Let the ripples of happiness and joy spread everywhere.

  • Neeti S W wrote ...

    Thank You all, you made it so warm!!!

  • Neeti wrote ...

    Thank You all, you made it so warm!!!

  • Dnyanesh wrote ...

    Layee Bhari.....!!!!

    eager to share such experience which we will get shortly. Hum to abhi bache hai!

  • Kanchan Gokhale wrote ...

    yaay! for Pune!!

  • sheel wadhwani wrote ...

    hii, I am sheel staying in Pimpri, I would like to come on tuesday , could you pl send me the deatils, my mb. 9921008078 thanks sheel