Occupy Ahimsa, Occupy Ripples ;-)

Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Jan 4, 2013
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When I got this picture in the inbox, I couldn't help but to continuously smile for hours. I've been seeing this picture opened in a browser's tab for 3 days now, and still has the same effect :-) It is one of those photos that tattoos one's heart for all that it means, every detail of it. From the smiles of these contemporary love magicians to the flowers in the background, to the sneaky little fairy agitating her magic wand on the ground, to the image of the Earth that is changing the consciousness of humanity for ever.
The inspiration comes from couples Moved By Love in a city setting running and Urban Ashram --as siblings Kushmita and Sheetal-- or in a rural setting farm-schooling their son from Silicon Valley to the country --as siblings Ragu and Nisha-- or  making paths by walking --as siblings Nipun and Guri. What fills even with more joy this humble heart, is to know that we could have in the ServiceSpace ecosystem a veteran giftivist and, at the same time, a "natural" giftivist who showers us with his wisdom with only 5 laps around the Sun! Little giant brother Aum has a cosmic perspective and internal freedom rare to witness these days, let alone at that age! The filial love of his parents, in the form of energy and vibrations, are part of the work (not so)behind the scenes. And like brother Aum, there are so many "little ones" in our community that are blowing my mind and heart every single day. Some of us need to wait close to three decades to attend to our first 10day silent meditation retreat. Others, did their first 10day in the womb. Yes, that's where the (r)evolution started! :-)
Perhaps this is what the photo brings to mind and heart: the countless citizens of the World --visible and invisible-- in the ServiceSpace family. A posse of noble friends who practice mutual inspiration through service, courage and unconditional love, the love of a grandma, the love of a brother, the love of a sister, the love of a father, the love of a mother. Like. Mother. Earth. ;-)
It is hard to start a story like this because who knows where the story begun. So I'm choosing to start it the day when sister Lotus and I met during the carpool to Wednesdays --also known as Awakin Silicon Valley, indeed! We talked about building community and our affinity with the teachings of an eco-philospher and wise elder. Then sister Lotus showed up to Awakin Oakland to offer a gift. She felt touched by our satyagraha during Occupy Oakland. She made with her own hands a colorful ceramic plate that reads "Casa de Paz/ Occupy Ahimsa" with an incredible amount of details in it, including brother Adelaja's hair and my no-hair ;-) 
We had it for a while in the meditation hall of Casa de Paz until love magicians and urban ashramites Khushmita and Sheetal from the part of the Planet we call India, stayed for a few days with us. After our first laughter yoga session in Casa de Paz, hilariously facilitated by sister Khushmita, we heard: "that is beautiful!", pointing at the sister Lotus' "Occupy Ahimsa" ceramic plate. The tag was imminent and we all Casa de Paz residents felt that the Urban Ashram was a perfect new home for this piece of art. 
It lived there for a while until last week. When I received this email:
Jai Jagat! Victoria al Planeta! Victory to the World!
We just want you to know that we love you...very very much :)
A while back Nipun bhai came to Pune to give a spirited talk and a lot of noble friends visited us from all over the country to be in the company of our favorite warrior of light :)
Ragu bhai and his son Aum from Coimbatore too joined us that day and the next day while leaving, we spoke of you and showed the Occupy Ahimsa ceramic plate that you had gifted us when we visited Casa De Paz to them.
Ragu bhai totally loved it and spontaneously Sheetal gifted the plate to him :) The beautiful Casa De Paz plate is now in another 'Awakin' home in Coimbatore and we hope it travels and ignites in all who receive it, your passion and values for a life of love and Ahimsa.
Wouldn't you be smiling for hours? :-)
Well, here's again the anecdote of superhero wise brother Aum --the little brother at the bottom of the picture, the one with the shining eyes-- that might do the work of keeping you smiling for days, if not for your whole life every time you think/feel about him.
May all become all smiles and store them in our heart of hearts.
May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.
Jai Jagat! Glory to the Planet! Gloria al Planeta! :-)
Let's keep Planetizing the Movement.
In radical love,

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Comments (2)

  • sheetal wrote ...

    Dear brother Pancho,

    Speechless.. what do I do in the face of such radical love.. I just bend down and kiss the ground for the sheer awesomeness of this moment!

  • Viral Mehta wrote ...

    Beautiful reflections, hermano!