The Joy Of Hosting Awakin Gathering In Navi Mumbai

Posted by Shaalini Srinivasan on Dec 13, 2012
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We feel grateful for the opportunity t­­­o host an Awakin gathering this week at our home in Navi Mumbai.
After attending a few enriching Wednesdays at Sachi’s and Mayuri’s place, we have been intending to host Wednesday gatherings, but were not sure of how we would manage the silence having our 5-year old daughter around.
To test if we were ready for this, the two of us began by sitting in silence for 15 minutes every morning when our daughter Simran was away in school and managed to extend it to 30 minutes. Soon we followed it up with reading and reflecting upon 3 or 4 iJourney articles every time.
While we have known each other for 10 years now, we were amazed to notice how this little silent time helped us connect with each other at a much deeper level and reflect on many important aspects of our life. ­­We felt like we were on the same page and became more aware of our weaknesses, our priorities and what we really value. Earlier, we’d urge each other to talk and share what’s on our mind whenever we are together, now we prefer to also share some silence :-)
The moving experience at the retreat in Ahmedabad and a "Let's do it" from Siddharth, Lahar, Neerad and Sheetal got us started. We feel fortunate and happy to have hosted our first Awakin gathering. It was also a special day (12/12/12) for Lahar and Siddharth - it was their 4th wedding anniversary and we managed to surprise them with a Gaajar Halwa Cake with 4 cashews on it :-)
One common reflection that was shared by all in the circle was the importance of surrounding yourself with noble friends. They give you the strength when you are feeling low, they guide you when you feel lost, they ask you the right questions and also help you find the answers.
It was really wonderful to share the space with Siddharth, Lahar, Aparna, Vidhi and Vishal. Thanks to our friend Aarti for taking care of Simran. Thank you Sachi for guiding us all through... on phone, on chat, on email and in spirit!
Thank you Nisha and Ragu for adding joy and meaning to our lives.
As we post this, we feel a deep sense of gratitude to the entire Service Space community.
Thanks Siddharth for summarizing the experience on your blog: 
“We could feel ourselves dissolve in the stillness, as the voices of the children outside in the playground dimmed with the setting sun and the circle gave rise to beautiful emergence.”  
We look forward to being part of more such beautiful experiences.
With gratitude,
Shaalini & Deven

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