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Posted by Neil Patel on Jul 17, 2012
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Last Wednesday we were treated to a personal, heartfelt, insightful, and inspiring sharing by our own Nimesh Patel on the Ekatva journey. Nimesh immersed himself into this project for the last two and a half years, and what emerged in a very humble and organic way were transformative moments for the 16 slum children, the tour staff members, and himself. From a very personal perspective, Nimesh shares what brought him to Ekatva. The seeds were planted in childhood with his passion for music, entertainment, and the arts. Then coming to India, he saw that a new chapter in his life would be written, and it would bring together his two great loves: the arts and children.

Nimesh shared some remarkable stories from the Ekatva journey, from the early (and not so well-received) performances to the serendipity in their visa applications (which one visa officer said bluntly weren't likely to get approved) to starting a kindness conspiracy with the captain on the children's first plane ride to Nimesh's unique style of tough love at Disneyland to the children spurning the zoo to spend time with a paralyzed boy to bringing a classroom of underprivileged children in Chicago's South Side to tears to a special performance in LA from the "Planting Seeds" artist. For two solid months, the Ekatva team was "drenched" in love by volunteers and well-wishers that served them in myriad small ways while also helping to put together an incredible tour which including marketing, logistics, technical, venue, and more for 16+ shows of hundreds to thousands of people in attendance.

Nimesh also shares his single most special highlight of the 2.5 year journey, a very touching moment.

For Nimesh, Ekatva at its core was about inner transformation and external inspiration, And it was carried out with mindfulness of the day-to-day journey, learning and dealing with the ups and downs, and trying to plant seeds of kindness inside and out. A journey of a life time.

Celebrate Nimesh's birthday today :) by listening to the full audio of Nimesh's reflections:

Jai Jagat!

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Comments (6)

  • Bela Shah wrote ...

    Neil, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Can't wait to listen to the audio of Nimo's insights and stories...

  • Nisha wrote ...

    Happy birthday Nimesh! May we all learn to spread love inside out..

  • Bela wrote ...

    Thanks so much for putting this up Neil....listened to it last night and there are so many nuggets of wisdom in Nimo's was really grounding.

  • Trishna wrote ...

    Beautiful journey, thanks Nimo for sharing your personal reflections and thank you Neil for spreading the ripples :)

  • Damyanti Patel wrote ...

    Humble, patient, selfless,committed, ekatwa spirited. Nimesh

  • Rahul Brown wrote ...

    Neil, listening to the audio, I discovered that Jagatbhai's father passed away. Is there anything him or his family needs right now?