From Wednesday's Children
--Nipun Mehta
Apr 21, 2012


Recently, the door rang at the Mehta household.  It was right before a Wednesday gathering.  Guri and I were out of town, but all six of us were together on video chat. Viral and Pavi went to the door, and lo and behold, they were looking at three giant gunny sacks by the doorstep.  No one else was around -- an anonymous drop-off.  

Each sack was filled with meditation cushions!  And one note of explanation:

It looked gorgeous on our carpet.

Then, my mom got an email from Katie Teague that awakened an altogether different dimension of the tag:

You don't know me. But somehow my Vimeo account got hacked by love. I think this video is about you.

It turned out to be the 59th birthday of "CF Mom" -- a mother of so many.  What a blessed life, to have the opportunity to give and receive and pay forward.


Posted by Nipun Mehta on Apr 21, 2012

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