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Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Apr 6, 2012
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Yesterday, Adelaja, Sam and I spent an afternoon with a classroom of 10 year olds ... and before our visit, Sister Meena (the mindfulness teacher) had sent us some of the questions the kids had raised after learning about our work and the meaning of satyagraha...

How did the meal with the officer go (to break your fast)?
Where is the Mexican restaurant, what is it called?
What were you thinking the moment you were pinned down?
Were you always interested in nonviolent resistance?
When did you feel the urge to make a difference?
What was the first thing you tried to change?
When did you start practicing peace?
When did you start Casa de Paz?
Why are you an activist?
Where do you get your clothes?
How can you be so generous when you have so little?
What was your favorite thing that Gandhi did?
Has anyone responded to your nonviolence in a violent way?
What are your future projects?
Do you have any regrets on the actions you have taken?
What does Satyagraha mean to you?
How and why do you do everything that you do (activism/way of life etc.)?
What inspired you to start the Green Museum?
Is it hard to get around without a regular job?
What are some activities that Casa de Paz does?
How do you live without a lot of money?
Why do you maintain silence on Mondays? Is it hard?
What do you enjoy about Green Art?
How many people are connected with Casa de Paz?
How hungry are you after fasting?
Do you like apples?
How is meditating for you?
What made you fast?
What made you start meditating?
What is your favorite food to eat after you fast?
What was it like to be in prison?
What inspires you to do what you do?
What was the crime you were charged with?
How do you get food?
How do you meditate for an hour, is it boring?
Have you had Mexican food with the cop yet?
How did Gandhi inspire you?
What triggered your involvement with Satyagraha?
What do you tend to eat?
What are your role models aside from Gandhi?
Did you actually break your fast with the policeman?
Why did you leave your program at Berkeley?
Why did you leave Mexico?
What did you do when you ate with the officer? Did you become friends?
How did you get here without a traditional job?
Were you scared when you were arrested?
What made you want to meditate at Occupy Oakland?
How many people were arrested?

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  • Kanchan wrote ... sweet.

  • Shail wrote ...

    AAH kids say the darnedest things!! Love it!