I Double Dare You

Posted by Pavi Mehta on Feb 14, 2012
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the edges of things are always deceptive.
because we are taught to believe
in endings and beginnings.
but the truth is:
There Are No Borders.
and all boundaries are lines
drawn in the imagination
(like the equator)
people like to put things
in their places.
(we believe in belonging
this is the problem with 
(it does not understand
and it will not be put in place.
with crayons on paper maybe
but who can live life strictly
the color of countries that
cannot be contained
in cliches where- 
the red of your heart spills
into the red of the rose spills
into the red of the sunset spills
into mehendi on the hands of a bride. 
and who can explain these things?
but what i want to know is simple:
who settled the sky on top of the mountain
and who drew the restless margins of the sea?
everything flows into everything
like a picture drawn without once
lifting pencil from paper;
this world.
now tell me the story of your life
(whoever you are) go on
i Double Dare you!
tell me the story of your life
without once touching

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Comments (32)

  • Mary wrote ...

    Oh, how wonderful to read this poem and this message on Valentine's Day. All to often we forget whats in the heart and listen to whats in our head. Today we need to "Double Dare You" (ourselves) to start listening to our hearts and together we can have Valentine's Day everyday.

  • Maria wrote ...

    Just beautiful!!! we all are interconnected!!

  • Aparna wrote ...

    Beautiful & profound. Thanks for the touching experience.

  • Muran wrote ...

    My heart can see you-
    Hiding behind the magic shadow,
    You created in front of you,
    So you can see me very close,
    But I can also see you through my heart,
    My heart can hear you,
    Keeping my ears close to the walls of the sky,
    And I am listening to your heart,
    My soul can touch your thoughts,
    As my soul is living in you,
    I can feel your thoughts,
    Shooting to the sky to reach to the moon,
    To switch off his lights,
    To see the lights of love in my eyes.

  • Barbara wrote ...

    breathtaking poem

  • Sheela wrote ...

    Stirred something within my heart! Only when I am quiet, I am able to listen to what's within. Something from outside ...like this poem..ruffles something unknown to inside to move into action...If that is not inspiration, what is it?!

  • Bill wrote ...

    What a lovely way to express our interconnection - thanks Pavi!

  • Kathleen wrote ...

    this lovely poem helps me celebrate Valentine's Day in a meaningful way. Thank you. I've shared the poem on Facebook to spread the words.

  • Kathleen wrote ...

    Who is the poet of "I Double Dare You"? Is it Pavi?

  • tiffany wrote ...

    beautiful & true, thanks for sharing :)

  • Shalini Sahai wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing your poem Pavi! It's one of my all time favorites.

  • Guri wrote ...

    Hi Kathleen, Yes the author is Pavi :-)

  • dr.Tezen wrote ...


  • Magnesia wrote ...

    All we've got is this life
    it may not always be great
    but it's definitely worth fighting for
    and time that seems such a friend when we are young
    tries to run away from us as we get older
    all thoes moments, that we long to hold on to
    moments of glory, of joy
    of hurts that made us stronger
    moments that we want to bottle up
    hide in a hole
    or keep a secret
    are perhaps moments that made us now we are
    or what we will be
    and should darkness fall or as we go weaker
    these moments
    will shine a light
    and lead us home

  • Lavanya wrote ...

    Wow! Beautiful! Inspires us to connect with everyone :)

  • Chenee wrote ...

    Thank you Pavi for such a lovely poem! It's important to remember that we in fact create our own boundaries, but they really just get in the way.

  • Sharmishtha wrote ...

    Simply wonderful... Coincidence that I was reading a couplet today
    " roop rang te rekho nyaare, tainu lakh parnaam karaa
    Man budhi te aklo bahre, tainu lakh parnaam karaa"
    Translation : One that has no form and that is beyond intellect and works of mind, my salutations.
    Once we realize such "being" then there is no barrier, there are no boundaries and one universal love is established. In fact at that time, the differnce of sky and the mountain also disappear, you and me become one :) :)

  • Jackie wrote ...

    It's a pity i read this late. Such a wonderful reflection of the heart.

  • Manpreet wrote ...


  • Din wrote ...

    Brilliant! Love it :)

  • Aziza wrote ...

    Beautiful! Wish more people could understand the non-existance of borders and boundaries. I wish more people could live their lives without their thoughts and beliefs imprisoned in little boxes with no room to take in more ...

  • Dilip Shah wrote ...


    Thanks for the true gem. My life, to others may seem like a constant struggle. For me, it is a pure pleasure, day in and day out because I have so much to be happy about and to be thankful for. There are no boundaries to my happiness and my thankfulness.

  • Sunaina wrote ...

    Nimo and Audrey just shared this with me and I am so grateful. Pavi dear, this is so beautiful and perfect. I bow down to the place within you where this magic flows from. Thank you for sharing some of that magic with us. <3

  • Harpreet wrote ...

    Wow...... Just Love it!!

  • Jyoti wrote ...

    Beautiful, like sharing the awe inspiring stars and planets from our own spaces and yet being able to share it.

  • Prarthana wrote ...

    Beautifully written dear friend

  • sunita wrote ...

    So beautiful...thank you so much.

  • Victor wrote ...

    Beautiful, deep and the Truth. The tone of this poem reminds me of Yunus Emre. Bravo!

  • Muheed wrote ...

    Wow.. Beautifully written

  • Zizwe wrote ...


  • Barbara Schwartzbach wrote ...

    Beautiful to read and now to share. Thank you invisible angels who put together these posts.

  • Neil wrote ...

    Just re-read this after many years. What a delight!

    Every line is packed with wisdom and profundity. You rock Pavi! Thank you for sharing your light with us.