Audio Clips From Call With Jayesh Patel

Posted by Bela Shah on Dec 26, 2011
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What a privilege to be on the Forest call today, with Jayesh Patel!  Born at the Gandhi Ashram, Jayesh-bhai has done very large scale development work in the world but his philosophy of "Living Service" has made him a hero around the globe.  On this call, he spoke about the lessons he learned from his remarkable father Ishwar Patel, who passed away last December.

While we're working on a write-up from the call, we thought we'd leak the audio clips for you to enjoy and share with friends.

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Comments (5)

  • nisha wrote ...

    Thank you all for bringing home this heart to heart.

  • Leah wrote ...

    It's so reassuring to know that no matter when or where i travel, this community, with all the love and inspiration it offers, is often only one click away. Thank you to Jayesh-bhai, and all who put this call and recordings together. Your time and energy spent spreading this love and these messages is very much appreciated.

  • Jagdishbhai Dave wrote ...

    Hearing the recording fills my heart with warmth, inspiration and gratitude.Thanks everyone for sharing this with us far away from Ahmedabad.About three years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Jayeshbhai in Gandhi Ashram. Hearing him talk about his inner journey was very refreshing.

  • Aparna wrote ...

    Thank you for coordinating and sharing this. I met Jayeshbhai during InSPIRE last year and his presence and calm passion has stayed with me since then. It is so good to hear his voice and his words. Thank you!

  • Shweta wrote ...

    It was extremely inspiring to hear all these audio clips. Before this day I didn't know who Jayesh bhai is but now I have sooo much respect for him. It surely inspires me to try to serve selflessly. Thanks lot for sharing this !!!