Weight Of Walmart [InfoGraphic]

Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Dec 5, 2011
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WalMart has more employees than the US Armed Forces, and they were a national economy, it would rank 1st in the world for income inequality: CEO makes more in an hour than his sales associate will make in a year.

Walmart Infographic

Via FrugalDad

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Comments (6)

  • prakash wrote ...

    Wow! -- thank you for sharing Pancho, puts the perspectives I have been reflecting on into clear numbers. What are your thoughts on what can each of us do in addition to be the 'satyagrahis' by boycotting such ones. Love to hear everyone's thoughts.

  • Ragunath wrote ...

    Well, Walmart's real weight comes from millions of needy (daily wagers) and greedy (bargain hunters) customers who flock to the stores.

  • Geoff wrote ...

    All I can say is WOW. Very interesting statistics in this.

  • Susan L wrote ...

    Prakash, if you haven't seen the movie The High Cost of Low Prices, please check it out. Whether or not you've seen it, you can organize film showings to inform the public. And every chance you get, let people know that quality and supporting your local economy is more important to you than convenience and cost.

  • prakash wrote ...

    Thank you Susan, will certainly check out the movie "high cost of low prices". Agree with your point about supporting local economy.

  • Allen wrote ...

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