Our People

ServiceSpace Posse

Servicespace is a posse of visionaries, dreamers and doers, thinkers and optimists -- people who are keen on shining their corner of the world. And because we are an all-volunteer organization, and everyone is here by choice, we all love what we do. In fact, we feel privileged and honored to stumble upon these opportunities to be helpful. Generosity makes us grow. Service helps us connect to others at a deeper-level.

Sometimes you'll find us on laptops, in neighborhood coffee shops or homes all around the world, trying to manage our projects. And sometimes you'll stumble upon us meditating silently on a cushion. But most often you'll hear the laughter and feel the simple joy of being alive, and the opportunity to be of service.

While it is impossible to list the entire ServiceSpace family, here are some of the project leaders who consistently create space for the organization to grow.