Teaching+T: Anything Is Possible

In this week's edition, we share stories that show that anything is possible:
- a football team repairs a bridge damaged by flash flooding, 
- after a career as an auto mechanic, 51-year-old becomes an MD, and
- military technology helps elementary bike bus navigate traffic safely, giving the students a sense of freedom and lots of confidence.

Football Team Repairs Bridge

Flash flooding destroyed a bridge in Indiana. A high school football team rebuilt it. Read Full Story »

Mechanic Turned Doctor: Never Too Late To Follow Dreams

After 25 years in auto repair, Carl Allamby, MD, just became an attending at Cleveland Clinic. Read Full Story »

Behind a Glasgow School’s Bike Bus

Traffic-stopping remote control helps bike bus in Glasgow to maneuver morning traffic. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week consider if something you thought impossible may be possible after all. Allow our stories to inspire you and remember Dr. Carl Allamby's words: "It's never too late to achieve your dreams."