Teaching+T: Talking To Kids About War In Ukraine

All over the world, students, teachers, and parents are trying to process the news about the war in Ukraine. In this newsletter, we are highlighting a university offering scholarships to Ukrainian academics; share what students are saying about the invasion of Ukraine; and provide resources that can support conversations about the war with children at school and at home. --Daniela

Tel Aviv University offers full scholarships to Ukrainian students

Tel Aviv University is offering dozens of scholarships to Ukrainian academics whose studies and research have been compromised due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read Full Story »

What Students Are Saying About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Over 900 teenagers have visited this forum to express their emotions and empathy for the people of Ukraine and sense of helplessness as they watch the war unfold. Read Full Story »

Talking to Kids About the War in Ukraine

Students want and need to talk about what they see, remember, and are feeling now; they need the guidance and safety of adults in their schools to navigate their own emotions and trauma in a healthy, safe, and productive way. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on how you can support your students and staff members in difficult conversations about the war. Also reflect on what support you may need during this time.