Teaching+T: Finding The Good In Change

When the pandemic started, educators had to be even more innovative than usual to find new ways to teach, support, and connect with their students. And some of these new approaches have proven very successful and are here to stay. This week, we share stories highlighting some of the positive changes that came to be during the pandemic. --Daniela

The Rise of Bike Buses

As more families have considered biking to school during the pandemic, they have turned to group bike commutes to make their journeys safer - and more visible. Read Full Story »

Snowman Goes to School

An 800-mile journey from Kentucky to Florida brought a smiling snowman to a classroom full of kids, many of whom had never seen snow before. Read Full Story »

A Pandemic Pivot That Stuck

Two shuttered Ohio Science Museums created takeaway kits so kids and their families could do experiments at home. And now the kits may become a permanent part of both museums’ regular offerings. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on the positive changes you experienced over the past two years. What surprised you and what will you carry with you as you continue to teach and support students in this "new normal?"