Teaching+T: Building A Brighter Future

By teaching students about gratitude, compassion, and helping others we plant the seeds for a brighter future. This week we highlight a principal teaching her students about gratitude and kindness, a high school class learning to construct a tiny house for migrant farm workers, and  students building a bus stop shelter for a 5-year old in a wheelchair. --Daniela

Principal Makes Gratitude Video

The short video pairs animated characters along with lessons of gratitude. She has made certain that every student has seen this video and it's made an impact. Read Full Story »

Engineering Class Builds Tiny House for Farm Workers

Students in an Engineering for Social Good high school class have been learning to build houses - and then building a tiny house, designed and constructed for migrant farmworkers, who often struggle to find adequate shelter. Read Full Story »

Teens Build Bus Stop Shelter for 5-Year-Old in Wheelchair

After hearing that 5-year old Ryder had to battle rain, snow, and wind while waiting for the school bus, local students got to work and built him his own bus shelter for the bottom of his driveway during their construction lessons. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on how you are planting seeds of gratitude, kindness, and compassion in your students.