Teaching+T: Connecting Deeply

Connecting deeply with yourself, those you love, and your community, helps children and adults alike to maneuver stressful times.
This week's newsletter shares three stories of deep connection: parents who came together to help their children connect more deeply to themselves during the pandemic; a teacher who starts each day in a very empowering way; and a community that connects once a week on their way to school. 

The Peacock Mosaic

After their kids' school closed during the pandemic, parents planned "Enriching Afternoons" for their children. The results were inspiring and beautiful. Read Full Story »

A Look in the Mirror

A teacher in Atlanta, Georgia has found a fun and creative way to empower students in her class. Students begin each school day by standing in front of a full-length mirror and expressing positive self-affirmations. Read Full Story »

The 'Bicibus' of Barcelona

Every Friday morning in Barcelona, a special kind of bus collects kids on their way to school. Called the Bike Bus, it’s more like a caravan or an escort, which started when five families decided to ride their bikes to school to advocate for bike lanes and safer, quieter roads. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on how you can connect more deeply with yourself and others through simple acts and shared moments of kindness and care.