Teaching+T: Unexpected Interventions

Sometimes help comes from unexpected places: a group of dads stepping up when their kids' school is experiencing a wave of violence; a therapy dog helping students overcome their fear of learning how to read; and a track and field runner giving up on his own race to help a competitor make it across the finish line. Learn more about these unexpected interventions in this week's newsletter.  --Daniela

Dads Curb Violence at Louisiana High School

A group of 40 Dads take turns showing up and hanging out at the school. The Dads recognize that just being there makes a big difference to the kids as many do not have a father figure, or even a male in their lives. Read Full Story »

Therapy Dog Fosters Reading

Omni the golden retriever made a visit to Eastern High School as part of a reading therapy program. The effort aims to ease any anxiety students have while learning how to read. Read Full Story »

Teen Runner Helps Collapsed Competitor

Nebraska teenager helps his competitor finish the race after he had collapsed. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

Reflect on a time when you were given help that was completely unexpected. How did it make you feel? Can you think of a way to pay it forward?