Teaching+T: A New Kind Of Student Support

What do an Italian cooking school, a South Carolina principal, and Yale have in common? They are all supporting students during the current pandemic. Find out more in this week's newsletter.  --Daniela

Italy Cooking School is Stirring the Pot

The goal of this cooking school is not only to turn out great chefs but also to reduce inequality, fight injustice and reject the toxicity of organized crime. Read Full Story »

Principal Works Walmart Night Shift for Students

Principal works nights at Walmart to support his struggling students, most of which live below the poverty line. Read Full Story »

Yale's Happiness Class is Free for High Schoolers

Yale is offering its highly popular 'happiness' course to high school students for free. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on you have been able to support your students during the past year.