Teaching+T: Gratitude At School

Amidst the challenges we all face at the moment, bright spots and encouraging stories can be found all around. This week's uplifting stories highlight students in Australia who are saving koalas and a teenager who dresses up every day to brighten his classmates' days. And did you know that gratitude can help with students' anxiety? --Daniela

Science of Student Gratitude

Gratitude may be a powerful way to boost high schoolers' well-being. Read Full Story »

A Koala Lesson Plan

Students in Australia are saving their town's koala population, one tree at a time. Read Full Story »

Who's Logan Today?

Student wears a different costume to his Zoom classes to cheer up his classmates. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on how you can foster gratitude in your students and your school community. Expressing gratitude through words, in writing, or by paying it forward are all powerful ways to teach children how to become grateful.