Teaching+T: How The Brain Learns In Video Calls

This week we take a look at your brain on Zoom, a 91-year-old professor mastering remote teaching, and an inspiring movement in America supporting students learning virtually from home. --Daniela

How the Brain Learns on Zoom

Is learning on Zoom the same as in person? Not to your brain. As it turns out, live Zoom calls aren't as live as we think they are, but there are some things teachers can do about it. Read Full Story »

Communities Make Desks For Students

There is a movement in America to build desks for children who are learning virtually from home. Read Full Story »

91-Year-Old Prof Goes Viral

A professor with over nine decades of life experiences inspires all of us as he navigates remote learning while teaching during the pandemic. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week reflect on how the pandemic has changed the way you teach. How is your community supporting your students and you?