Teaching+T: Notes From The New Normal

All over the world, teachers and students are adjusting to the new normal. This week, we highlight a teacher in Turkey and share tips for managing online college classes. Enjoy the priceless reactions of 7-year-olds when their teacher disappears from the screen during a Zoom call. --Daniela

How To Make The Most Of Online College This Fall

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Door-to-Door in Turkey

A teacher in Turkey is visiting her students in front of their homes so they can keep learning. Read Full Story »

How 7-Year-Olds Respond To Teacher's Dropped Wifi

See the reactions of 7-year olds when their teacher was inadvertently kicked off a Zoom call. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, reflect on the positive changes you have made in your classroom and in your school. Our of necessity, many of us had to get creative to keep teaching and connecting with our students. What ways have you found to stay connected and keep your students engaged.