Teaching+T: New Approaches To Teaching & Learning During COVID-19

It is that time of year when schools are getting ready to start the new school year. This year, with COVID-19 shaping the education landscape, many schools and educators are looking to new, creative ways to teach their students while keeping them safe. In this week's issue, we share an overview of what re-opening schools looks like across the world, consider online summer camps that encourage stepping away from the screen, and take a look at using the great outdoors as an extension to our classrooms. --Daniela

Era of Outdoor Classrooms?

Are outdoor classrooms the answer? This well-researched article provides a detailed overview of what we know about re-opening schools across the world during this coronavirus pandemic. Read Full Story »

Online Summer Camp?

Consider these free online summer camp resources. First press play, then go play! Read Full Story »

California Considers Outdoor Ed

Districts in California are exploring taking lessons outside to mitigate the loss of hands-on experiences during distance learning while taking advantage of the physical distancing possibilities when spending time outdoors. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, explore and reflect on opportunities in your school and community to take your classroom outside and enrich distance learning.