Teaching+T: Compassion During This Pandemic

Compassion leads us to take action to improve the lives of others. This week, read about the heartfelt video high school students put together for their teachers and get inspired by an amazing teen robotics team who worked all night to support a medical team. --Daniela

Students Bring Their Teachers To Tears With Heartfelt Video

Students at Ridgeview High School created a video to thank the school's staff and faculty. Read Full Story »

Class of 2020, Is It Time For A Gap Year?

With universities remaining virtual in the fall, a gap year advocate makes the case for getting some real-world experience. Read Full Story »

Teen Robotics Team Make Hundreds of Faceshields

A teen robotics team worked through the night to supply much-needed face shields to a medical team leaving the next morning. Read Full Story »

'Be The Change' Idea

This week, focus on compassion for yourself and others. Reflect on how you have shown compassion to someone in your life during this challenging time. What acts of kindness and compassion have you witnessed?