Laddership News: The Gift Of Giving

In giving we receive, the saying goes. Below are just a few, of the many, stories around the Laddership ecosystem of alumni listening for and crafting unique ways to give to their communities and beyond. --Nicole and Jane

Pranidhi's Shala Turns 1, with a Bang!

Last month, Pranidhi's yoga shala turned one years old -- and to celebrate, the shala community served up homemade treats to elders at a neighboring senior home!

Lessons from 40 Days of Giving

"Any act of kindness, regardless of how big or small, has the potential to change not only the giver and the receiver, but all of those in close proximity to the people on either side of the equation," reflects Jennifer, on an extended giving experiment!

And Psssst ...

At the end of the month, we're headed into another Laddership Circle -- with 10 new fellows from Romania to Vietnam, Dubai to India to the United States!