Laddership News: Settling Into September Gratitude

With summer settled into September, we're witness to a gearing up of gratitude amongst our alums -- as Melissa ignites the spirit of service with her middle school class, Somik rolls out a Gratitude Wall at work, and Bill's BequeathIt app launches into final stages of fruition! --Nicole and Jane

Melissa Launches Middle School Laddership

As her school year kicks into gear, Melissa launches a 7th grade service-learning class on laddership values -- with special video call guest appearances from Laddership alumni around the globe!

Somik Sparks Gratitude at Work

Inspired by various discussions of workplace gratitude, Somik starts a "Gratitude Wall" in his office -- and offers up an enthused visual of Day 1! :)

And Psssst ...

Express your appreciation for someone today. Speaking of which, Bill's BequeathIt app is now in beta testing!