Laddership News: Circling Up

The power of "circling up" is evident this summer, as many Laddership Circle alumni convene with each other and in their communities, fueling gratitude and friendship in the most organic of ways.  --Nicole and Jane

Homeless Shelter Stillness

In London, Ani shares powerful moments of silence with 30-40 women at her local homeless shelter, and reflects on the spirit with which gratitude and friendship emerge.

Weekend Ripples Across the Globe!

Earlier this month, a "ReLoveUtion" of nonstop circles unfold in Spain, as oceans away in the U.S., a whirlwind road trip weekend connects many "Ladders" in ripples of friendship and love.

And Psssst ...

If you had to choose one value to practice over the next 365 days what would it be? Listen to our young interns reflect in their TedxTalk-style recap of their life changing summer.