Laddership News: From Spain Kitchens To Nepal Festivals!

In the 19 months since our pilot Laddership Circle began, it's humbling to witness seeds of transformative designs take root in all shapes and sizes, spheres and spaces -- from global virtual circles to communities in Spain to festivals in Nepal and beyond! --Nicole and Jane

Notes from the Circle

As our summer Laddership crew heads into Week 6, illustrious bloggers Liam and Bonnie (and guest scribes Parag and Mihir!) continue to amaze us with their labor-of-love journalism of each week's conversations.

Six Evenings in Spain

In Spain, Joserra (of Summer 2016 circle) reflects on the power of service and holding space, with 6 evenings of a pay-it-forward restaurant and 3 individual journeys of transformation, amid volunteers aged 21 to 99. :)

And Psssst ...

Harpal from Spring 2016 circle recently rocked a traveling Kindness Cafe in Nepal!