Laddership News: Reflections From The Pond

Lots of reflections shining back from the Laddership pond this month. From recent insights, to celebrating International Days of Happiness, and deeper reflections from some of our readings, our circle of Ladders continue to seed inner transformation and outward action. --Nicole and Jane

Liam on the Post-Laddership Glow

"My eyes are opening up to tons of possibilities - no longer just in the theoretical sense, but an experiential sense of it." After our most recent 6-week Laddership Circle, Liam reflects on the stream of unfoldings from the journey so far. [more]

Shamash's Happiness Day Ripples

Amid some beautiful ripples during our Spring Laddership Circle, Shamash and friends at Museum of Happiness wove together a full day of gratitude, mindfulness, and generosity  (complete with a Karma Kitchen lunch!) for International Day of Happiness last month. [more]

And Psssst ...

Xiao (of Fall 2015 circle) circle offers up some noteworthy quotes from Fukuoka's The One-Straw Revolution. Which also reminded us of Do Nothing Generosity. :)