Laddership News: Laddership Projects

This month, in a departure from our usual form, we are looking at some Laddership alums' projects, and it is a truly inspiring selection of service values in action. --Nicole and Jane

How Sweet It Is

Shaylyn made 2019 a one-year living journey to revitalize relationship and community in her life, and to help others get inspired to do the same. This post is so deeply moving, a description of a move from our habitual cool courtesy to neighbours to deep connection, the connection that is waiting to be discovered rather than needing to be made. [more]


Debate vs. Dialogue

Arnd, who runs an educational multimedia organization for cross-cultural dialogue demonstrates in this wonderful slide deck the difference between debate and dialogue in terms of forming connection, to quote from here "insights, new relationship and commitment to action, these are the fruits of dialogue." [more]


And Psssst ...

Bonnie and Ana ripple out labor-of-love gifts half a globe apart, and Ashima discovers the lens of human unity that children carry.