Laddership News: Love Warriors

I just finished my second experience of anchoring a Laddership Circle and it confirmed to me that this cannot really be called service. The inspiration, grace and magic that is received as a volunteer cannot be expressed adequately in words... but we are going to try! --Nicole and Jane

Heard in a Recent Circle

Bijan Khazai rounds up the magic of our August circle in this beautiful reflection on the journey and says: The simple organising principle of an intent to design for inner transformation can convene love warriors across 6 countries to deeply practice being the change. [more]

In India: Laddering and Being Laddered

Rohit Rajgarhia reflects on the circle about to open in India in this blog and says: Feeling grateful and humbled to be part of this circle and also inspired to step up my own inner and outer journey. [more]

And Psssst ...

As one volunteer remembers an "extra"ordinary scene from a mentor's life, 15 folks gear up for another global circle, while Marius and Lila ready for a circle with educators in Romania!