Laddership News: Small Is Beautiful

As we enter the seventh month of 2019, we take this moment to pause and reflect on the beauty of small. David Bullón Patton brings us the power of noticing the small things, and Meghna Banker brings us the power of doing the small things. --Nicole and Jane

While Crossing The Road

David reflects on the transformations he has experienced through personal practices during his Laddership Circle. In his story, he shares how an apparently simple shift to noticing the small things lead to an understanding of a gap in public services and a change at governmental level. [more]

A Labor-of-Love Journey

In this interview with Meghna, one of the visionaries behind Laddership and a pillar of the Moved By Love platform, she elegantly points to these huge ripples being totally rooted in small acts of service: "inner transformation happens when we attempt to align our values with the smallest of our actions" [more]

And Psssst ...

An intriguing conversation on Gift Ecology!