Laddership News: Fearless Compassion

Reading Poonam's description of the recent evening with Arun Dada, I was struck by the connection between fearlessness and compassion. I had not seen it so clearly before, they are the masculine and the feminine principles of active love. To be compassionate we must be fearless, fearlessness allows for compassion to act. This month we hear about those two virtues from Poonam's story and from Tim Harrison's work on compassion. --Nicole and Jane

Compassion As Action

Highlights from a breakout call with compassion researcher, Timothy Harrison, weave a story of compassion as action. Timothy gives a beautiful working definition: "a motivation to help others or to see others free from struggles." To see someone's struggle is empathy, but compassion itself is our desire or motivation to see that person free from suffering. [more]

To Be Fearless

Poonam Singh describes a recent gathering with Gandhian elder, Arun Dada, that was filled with golden nuggets of wisdom on fearlessness: to be fearless means you have become someone nobody is afraid of. [more]

And Psssst ...

Two circles finished last week, and Joao ponders: what gives you hope?