Laddership News: Grace And Preparation

It is said that a blessing occurs when grace meets preparation and this month's stories weave that truth beautifully. We have an eloquent study in sincere preparation from Jignasha and an account of grace as a tangible thing, a 'collage of living answers' from Audrey. --Nicole and Jane

Two Pilgrims

Jignasha Pandya lovingly describes her sisters' preparation for a 2,800 km pilgrimage in this beautiful study of sincerity, warm hearts and deep intention. [more & latest]

Love's Business Plan

In this round-up of the emergence from last year's Gandhi 3.0 retreat and the follow up Laddership Circle, Audrey describes a dizzying number of ripples where grace has met extraordinary inner and outer preparation and produced rivers of blessings across the world. [more]

And Psssst ...

As we complete our first-ever 6-week education-themed circle, a first-ever circle with Heartfulness meditation trainers is underway! And applications are open for circles this Spring!