Laddership News: The Harvests Of Ripples

One of the guiding principles of service in our ecosystem and in Laddership is 'no agenda': we plant seeds, the ripples of small acts will emerge wherever they will - the results are not the aim....but, just occasionally its nice to be reminded of the incredible results that 'no agenda Laddership' produces :-) --Nicole and Jane

Priceless Health

Bonnie began 'priceless pricing' classes at her church, shared about it in a Laddership Circle last winter, where Venu was volunteering, and Venu implemented it in his GI practice! This is an incredible story about the power of planting seeds. Venu eloquently describes how the pay-it-forward experiment has allowed him to honour the unique expression of love that is the doctor-patient relationship -- an extraordinary act of service in a system that is designed to fulfill different values. [more]

Smiles From Vietnam!

Giang describes not just a garden but a harvest of ripples in her Vietnam ecosystem. In only two years since her laddership circle, there are: Awakin Circles, without walls schools underpinned by gift ecology, art classes, earth homes being built, school gardens being tended - and a retreat in May -- and that's just for starters... [more]

And Psssst ...

As Trupti's HeART Circles continue to inspire; Liam witnesses "emergination" in Spain; Nipun reflects on 6 questions; and two crews ready this winter for themed circles on education and heartfulness!