Laddership News: 5 Questions And A Cobbler

Upon completing another round of concurrent Laddership Circles it's humbling to witness the wide spectrum of spaces and experiments that connect with the spirit of giftivism across the ecosystem. Just a few of those blossoming stories are reflected below.  --Nicole and Jane

5 Questions From Laddership

As each circle finishes, we often hold more questions than answers. Yet something about the field that these circles sow leaves our minds resolved and spirits strengthened which support the conditions to shift our efforts and individual ecologies towards the path of leading with love. Here's 5 questions our most recent circles leave us holding. [more]

Alumni On Gift Ecology

Couple months back, a crew of alumni circled up around various gift ecology related questions. From notions of 'service' vs. 'retirement' plans to reflections on the skillful uses of money to a tea seller's insights on the spirit of gift-- a rich conversation unfolded and we're grateful to Melissa for her thoughtful recap! [more]

And Psssst ...

Mihir's interaction with a Cobbler Who Also Mends Souls inspired many of us. And congrats to Chris (of last Fall's circle) who just completed the 3-year journey of his book!