Laddership News: Perfect Imperfect

This month's stories bring to heart the perfection in our imperfection. In a lively and amusing call, Bonnie Rose describes wholeness rather than fixing and Kendrick Bradley explores radical generosity in three forms. --Nicole and Jane

On Sacred Irreverence

Minister (former nurse and opera singer!) Bonnie Rose highlights the transcendent beauty in finding the power and grace in our imperfections and what can happen when we go past fixing to wholeness: "I'm very clear I don't have the answers - in groups and circles something emerges that's better" [more]

On "Radical Generosity"

In this beautiful exploration of generosity Kendrick describes the 'energetic alchemy' that occurs when we embrace our mistaken belief that we are 'alone in a selfish world' and open our hearts to service. [more]

And Psssst ...

We're underway with two more Laddership Circles this month!