Laddership News: Enthusiasm

The stories this month reminded me of how beautiful the word 'enthusiasm' is - the divine within. Its synonyms equally so: ardour, devotion, spirit, passion, warmth and zeal. All of these words are fractals of the vibrant energy that moves through our ecosystem, whether its an 'en theos' retreat in the Philippines or a heArt circle by Trupti - all united by the many colours of enthusiasm. --Nicole and Jane

Ripples From Your Seeds!

Spirit, passion and devotion are themes in this update from Manila. Ana describes Lalla - an embodiment of enthusiasm having moved from a lengthy prison sentence to a shorter one through a passion for theatre, then to freedom and running a second hand store and next to a new life in a new country - all supported by a Kindness Circle which, as Ana beautifully puts it, is an invitation to act for love. [more]

HeArt Circles Beat On

Trupti describes the heArt circle and the warmth and spirit with which the participants offered their work and their stories. One of which gives us these words that surely capture the heart of enthusiasm: "We don't talk about winning and losing. We talk about getting a little better every day." [more]

And Psssst ...

As Thu hosts pay-it-forward experiments in Toronto,  Joserra's stillness ladders emergence in Burgos, and Zilong reflects on life after social media.