Laddership News: Dedication

As we approach the midpoint of the year, this month is a time for reflection on the dedication of various Laddership Circle alum, who volunteer with an unwavering faith in kindness and its power. --Nicole and Jane

Few Days with Giang & Hang!

Nipun writes about his recent trip to Vietnam and the inspiring dedication of Giang Dang and Hang Mai, not just to their own projects, but to the principal of giftivism and growing the people who will carry that forward into their projects. [more]

Culture of Kindness Coffee

Ashima describes the dedication of all involved in a battle of kindness and generosity taking place in their local Starbucks :-) [more]

And Psssst ...

High school seniors just finished a 9-month circle -- here's all of them smiling, with couple youthful guests, too! :) On that note, we're also gearing up to dive into summer youth laddership!