Laddership News: Revolution

A revolutionary is someone involved in or causing a complete or dramatic change. We tend to associate revolutionaries with large political movements and grand themes, but this month's stories reflect the quiet revolutions that are seeding change. --Nicole and Jane

Commandment #3

Summer 2016 circle volunteer, Somik Raha, shares 10 innovative "commandments" for product development. Amidst the noise around unethical tech, Somik's voice is revolutionary in its quiet commitment to change: "every feature, every line of code, every variable name is an expression of your caring - for yourself and for others." [more]

A Revolutionary in the Park

Summer 2015 alumnus, Poonam Singh, finds the revolutionary power of disruptive kindness mirrored back by a different kind of revolutionary in a disarming conversation in the park. [more]

And Psssst ...

Bonnie's beloved blog covers intriguing topics like, "Agenda-less Agenda" and "Power of a Pause". :)