Laddership News: The Power Of Kindness

'Kindness', 'kindfulness', 'being kind' - beautiful words that have a gentle warmth to them that disguises the life bending power of the meaning. This month we have two pieces that describe the extraordinary depth and reach of these soft words in action. --Nicole and Jane

Preeta on Small Graces

Preeta remembers the life of a neighbour, Val, as it intersected with the lives of her and her family. Recently arrived to Kansas from India, the kindness shown by Val, the small acts and simple graces, wove Preeta's family in their warmth and fixed them in the fabric of a community. 50 years on, the small acts ripple in this beautiful memoir. [more]

Conversation with Shamash!

With great humour and compassion, mindfulness author and coach and kindfulness pioneer Shamash Alidina talks to Rahul Brown about his path to mindfulness and kindness and shares stories and insights into the transformative power of kindness in his life and in the lives of Londoners who had come close to losing hope. [more]

And Psssst ...

As Devendra's circle for doctors crosses the midway mark, Parag, Swara, Meghna and crew are accepting applications for another round of Laddership Circles for project initiators based in India! As Zilong completes two years of his pilgrimage, bunch of friends are engaging a 21-day Pilgrim Challenge in his honor! :)