Laddership News: Glowing Into January

Another new year, full of things that have never been! This month the theme is 'glow'. Lara invites us to be the glow of compassionate love and Chandni describes an experiment in which a soul's glow can be captured. --Nicole and Jane

Moments of Obligation as Life Purpose

Lara Galinsky talks to Pavi about purpose, the power of an affirming presence and how whether its career, social entrepreneurship, match making or birthing a child the glow of love is the root of the root if we make it so.

Strangers in Colors

Chandni's always holding space for strangers to tune into deeper interconnections -- and her latest experiment unveils the power of the glow of a stranger's heart.

And Psssst ...

Min holds space with high schoolers on "Wisdom" as Trupti shares remarkable ripples from a 7 year-old, and Devendra gets set to launch a laddership circle with doctors at the end of this month! :)