March Laddership News

As winter fades into spring, things seem to be leaping into action! From a bicycle pilgrimage to experiments in pay-it-forward healing, and a 21-Day Mindful Walking Challenge, it's beautiful to witness so many rungs of our ladder in motion. And all as our newest Laddership Circles get underway! --Nicole and Jane

Embarking on a 3-Year Pilgrimage

Follow Zilong and his trusty bicycle, White Dragon Horse, on a pilgrimage around the globe from San Francisco to China, in service to the ecological and spiritual awakening of our time. 

Lessons in Gratitude

Kozo, as an act of paying-forward the plethora of love and care he has received after a cancer diagnosis, was moved to design an online course on "Healing Dis-ease with Aloha," as a gift to anyone healing from dis-ease.

And Psssst ...

Alumni pearls of poetry have been blowing us all away-- from Xiao's walk in a valley to Micky's exciting publication of her stunning book of poetry! :)