Borders, Edges And Bridges

As 2017 draws to a close we take a look at what separates us and what draws us together through two very different narratives. Zilong takes us through his one and a half years on the road and all of the borders, literal and metaphorical, that he has bridged. Min describes the internal edges and borders that were crossed by random acts of kindness in Berkeley. --Nicole and Jane

Zilong Crosses 1.5 Years of Pilgrimage

Zilong has been on the road for 22 months, in the company and often comfort of strangers. In this post he takes us through Europe as far as the Bosphorus and in acknowledging some truth in the stereotypes (we English can be a cold lot!) reminds us that brotherhood and sisterhood, kindness and compassion bridge all borders and soften all edges.

12 Teenagers And Min :)

12 young women from Singapore and Mauritius meet Nipun and Pancho, learn about random acts of kindness, take the practice onto the chilly streets of Berkeley and watch the ripples of the warm hearts blurring the lines of separation and building bridges of compassion.

And Psssst ...

Interesting dialogues unfolding in the realm of data -- like Otto Sharmer's shift from Big Data to Deep Data and Nipun's talk on Algorithms and Love. :)