Laddership News: Transformation

In this month's newsletter Parag Shah reminds us that when we understand what we are, without trying to change it, we go through a profound inner transformation. Thu Nguyen, in describing her first Awakin Circle, points to the outer transformation that manifests and ripples from the collective inner transformations of the ServiceSpace ecosystem. --Nicole and Jane

A Different Kind of R.O.E

Parag Shah shares his insights on what becomes possible when we don't hold expectations and his experience of facing the hollowness of material ownership and the realisation that the biggest gift we can give to the world is our inner transformation. His reflection on Why To Hold Questions and the qualities it cultivates rounds up this extraordinary offering of wisdom. [more]

Thu's Awakin Toronto!

Thu Nguyen describes how her vision of starting Awakin Circles in Toronto became a reality this summer, and how she was laddered, visibly and invisibly, by the 20 years of hearts and heads who have hosted circles around the world and her commitment to 'no exit strategy' despite being oversubscribed for the second circle! [more]

And Psssst ...

Xiao reads about The Other Wise Man, as Poonam reflects on the power of deep friendship, and Joserra begins his Laddership Residency at Banyan Grove!