Laddership News: Gratitude For Noble Friends

Autumn kicks off with two firsts: The first edition of the Kindness Times brought to us by Kindness Cafes and the first in a series of interviews with laddership alum. Gratitude as subject and object and the deep connections it creates is the theme this month. --Nicole and Jane

Conversation with Neerad

We are beginning a series of interviews with Laddership Circle Alum. In these interviews Nicole takes a deeper dive into the experiences and wisdom of the ladders and holds a space for us to continue to weave the fabric of this incredible community of wisdom, insight and story. In this first interview with Neerad, he shares his moving story of a recovery from cancer. Watching and listening was a joy for me, a reminder of the ocean of wisdom in this circle of noble friends - grateful for the reminder from Neerad that we are all walking each other home. [more]

The Kindness Times

Gratitude is the focus of this mega-watt smile inducing first edition of The Kindness Times. Colourful, beautifully designed and uplifting it is a compendium of articles, insights and perspectives on the gentle art of being grateful. [more]

And Psssst ...

As Ani rocks a recent Karma Kitchen in London, as Thu kicks off Awakin Toronto -- with a heartfelt opening share! :) Speaking of which, here's another poignant Awakin Circle share, from Yaniv!