Laddership News: Intuition, Creativity And The Ripples Of Laddering

Alfred Tolle and Melissa Stephens bring us their stories from different sides of the world. In sharing their perspectives with depth and humour they remind us that laddership may take many forms but its spirit - service - is always the same. --Nicole and Jane

Cultivating Conscious Workplaces

An inspiring and far reaching discussion between Alfred Tolle and Birju. Alfred describes how he integrated a rich inner life and deep spiritual practice with life as a corporate leader. Sharing his thoughts on status, perception, intuition and creativity he describes the path that lead him to found his non-profit for people and projects focused on making the world a better place. [more]

The Unending Wheel of Laddership

In her hilarious and moving blog, Melissa Stephens (awesome anchor of the spring Laddership Circle) describes her introduction to ServiceSpace and how laddership ripples in her life and the lives' of the kids she teaches. [more]

And Psssst ...

Rupali, our Chief HeArtist of recent India Laddership Circles, volunteered to illustrate each week's inspiration -- and they sure are stunning!