November Laddership: Connected Dots

As our Fall 2016 Laddership Circle continues to connect the dots of worldwide love warriors, a Laddership alumni explores the impact of those connections in his own life's adventures.  --Nicole and Jane

In The Presence of "Quiet Revolutionaries"

Our Fall 2016 Laddership Circle is underway with over a dozen love warriors from various corners of the planet! Our illustrious volunteers have blogged on the "one"derfulness of the "quiet revolution" that emerges in these spaces.

Neerad's Recent Adventures in Life and Death

Ladder, Neerad, explores the nuances and serendipity of the circles of ones life while his wife explores the "universal grand design" of it all as well. 


And Psssst ...

How can you bring service further into your support of family, the way you parent, or the way you live your life?