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Editor's Note: Healing requires action, whether a medical intervention or an emotional one - but the quality of the action and its output is determined by the space in which it arises. Both stories this month demonstrate the healing properties of space. --Jane

A Radiologist Who Held Space

Devendra Tayade, alumnus of the Laddership for Doctors shares this moving story from his own life: "I saw in that moment - with this radioloigist, this godsend of a human being - the power of just holding space, regardless of whatever ends up getting decided." [more]

Sachi's TEDx Talk!

Sachi Maniar, founder of Project Ashiyana describes the rehabilitation of the child Amar, a convicted murderer who, through the space created and held by Project Ashiyana, was able to 'see his own good' and experience a healing of the hurt that had defined him. [more]

And Psssst ...

Bonnie and Sehr have been holding "Stitch-a-Heart" Circles in SoCal and in Dubai -- inspired by heart pins!