Inner And Outer Research

February 06, 2015

Every week, we feature excerpts by Gandhi that lend insight into his values and personal practices.

Below is his comment when he visited the Indian Institute of Science.

July 27, 1927

"I was told by your professor, that the properties of some of the chemicals will take years of experiments to explore. But who will try to explore villages? Just as some of the experiment in your laboratories go on for all the twenty-four hours, let the big corner in your heart remain perpetually warm for the benefit of the [materially] poor millions. [...]

I tell you, you can devise a far greater wireless instrument, which does not require external research, but internal -- and all research will be useless if it is not allied to internal research -- which can link your hearts with those of the millions."

M.K. Gandhi
Bangalore, 1927
Source: CWMG, Vol 39, page 210-211.

Be The Change

This week, practice aligning your thoughts, words and actions and pay attention to how they could serve the majority of humanity, even if it manifests as one small act of inner and outer research.