7 Benefits of Playing in the Dirt

August 26, 2023

Quote of the Week

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." -John Muir

7 Benefits Of Playing In The Dirt

I had a friend who used hand sanitizer quite a bit. (And this was before COVID.) She had it on her keychain and a bottle in her car. She kept another bottle on her kitchen counter and an extra in her purse. She squirted it in her children’s hands everywhere they went: entering and exiting the grocery store, after petting a dog, after shaking someone’s hand at church. Sadly, her kids always seemed to have a runny nose or something worse that kept them home. She didn’t understand why they were getting sick.

But you know why, right? Yep. While she was killing off all the bad germs, she was also killing off the good ones kids need to build up immunity. When my daughter developed multiple food allergies as a baby and her pediatrician advised me to “let her play in the dirt,” I did a lot of research before sticking her in some mud. I’m sure you’ve heard the health benefits of playing in the dirt before and how being too clean is actually harmful. But maybe you haven’t considered these other benefits of kids playing in the dirt.  Read more in this week's featured article.

Reading Corner

Title: Dirt, the Scoop on Soil
By: Natalie Myra Rosinsky

"Dig in to the wondrous world of dirt! In this introduction to soil, young science and nature lovers will discover the components of dirt, how it’s made, and how to maintain healthy soil for the environment. Alongside charming illustrations, award-winning author Natalie M.Rosinsky delivers fun, fact-filled text for an engaging read-aloud or beginning read-alone. Includes hands-on experiments!"

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