Helping Children Deal With Grief

September 17, 2022

Quote of the Week

"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes--for those who love with heart and soul there is no separation." --Rumi

Helping Children Deal With Grief

"Most kids know something about death. But it’s very different when it happens to someone close to them. Parents can’t take kids’ pain away, but they can help them cope in healthy ways. The way kids respond to death is different from adults. They may go from crying to playing. That’s normal. Playing is a way of coping with their feelings. It’s also normal for kids to get angry, to feel sad, get anxious and also to act younger than they are. For example, potty-trained kids may have accidents or kids might slip into baby talk. It’s important to help your child express their feelings. There are lots of books on death for kids. Reading books and telling stories or looking at pictures of the person who died can help kids express their feelings. Also, expressing your own sadness lets kids know it’s okay to be sad.

How your child behaves and how you respond depends on their age. Don’t offer more information than they can understand. Use direct language. Saying a person “went to sleep” or even “passed away” can confuse or scare a child. Keeping as much as possible of your child’s normal schedule will help them feel secure. If you need some time alone, try to find relatives or friends who can help keep your child’s life as normal as possible."

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Reading Corner

Title: Dance Like A Leaf
By AJ Irving
Ages: 4-10

"This children's book tells a beautiful story about a grandmother and granddaughter and the memories and traditions they share together. As different seasons of weather and life pass, the grandmother's health declines, and the granddaughter learns about loss and the ways to keep loved ones alive. This is a heartfelt story with beautiful illustrations, that shares how loved ones are kept alive in our memories and traditions." --Publishers

Be the Change

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